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China Tour Reviews from Jan Evans

Dear Jimmy,

Hope you enjoyed the Journals.

Items that were exceptional:

1. English language capability and care of the group by each guide (except for one) was great.

  • Our Beijing guide, Christina, was once again super.
  • Logan, our guide in Xian, did his usual excellent job, especially for a group of North Americans.
  • Our guide in Chengdu, Kam, was very flexible, especially considering the accident that Sarah had in Le Shan.  He helped find a clinic, get ice, called ahead to find a hospital, took care of the injured person, and helped make decisions for the rest of the group.
  • Lulu, the late addition in Chengdu to accompany Tony & Sarah through the hospital experience was OUTSTANDING!  She stayed with them through the night and through the surgery.  Having a person with language ability and a caring heart was a great help for Tony and Sarah.  She finally left at 5:00 am in order to get ready for her 7:00 am tour.
  • We also want to recognize the 2 Chengdu-based tour managers (didn’t get their names) who closely followed the entire hospital process.
  • Although I didn’t get to be with him much, Carolyn and the rest of the tour said that Lobsong did a great job of leading the tour in Shangri La.  He was very patient and peaceful at a time when the group was concerned about Sarah’s condition.  He was very clear about what we should and shouldn’t do at such a high altitude to thoroughly enjoy the visit.
  • At Tiger Leaping Gorge, we changed guides and Mr. Wu joined us.  He was the most knowledgeable guide we had on the entire trip.  He spent a great deal of bus time sharing with us a lot of Chinese history.  Outstanding!  To a person, the group really liked him.
  • In the middle of our Hong Kong visit, we went to Macau, where we had Flo as our tour guide.  She was outstanding, providing us with much historical detail and earnestly helping after my wallet was pick-pocketed.  I would strongly recommend using her again.

2. All of the hotel accommodations exceeded expectations
3. All of the meals were great (much better Beijing Duck restaurant than last year)
4. Tang Dynasty Dinner/Show was again spectacular
5. The decision to go to Shangri La and Lijiang instead of Tibet was a good one.  Our people loved what they saw and experienced there. The next time we put together a trip to China, we will include northwestern Yunan again.  Lijiang was the best!

Overall Evaluation

This was an excellent trip.  All of our people thought it was worth the price paid.  The tour guides selected were great.  The trip was excellent.

Thank you, Jimmy, for your planning and coordination.  As we passed through Beijing on our way home, I was delighted to see your representative with my computer.  That was one of my highlights.  I appreciate your arranging that for me.  

Best regards,
Jan Evans

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