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​​The best essence of china

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11 Days Beijing - Xi'an – Shanghai - Hangzhou - Suzhou Tour       

Tour Code: BXS

This is the tour to help you know about China’s past glories and the rich cultures of China. Beijing, Xi'an and Hangzhou are the three major ancient capital cities in China. In Beijing you will visit the Great Wall of China. You will visit the 2000 years old Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses in starting point of the ancient Silk Road Xi'an. Suzhou is a city with the long history where you can visit the longest canals in China history and the beautiful traditional Chinese style gardens. In Hangzhou you will enjoy the beautiful view of West lake and the famous Chinese green tea. 

7 Days Beijing - Xi'an Tour  


For this 7 days tour to visit China, you will have the time to visit two of the traditionally four historical capitals of China – Beijing and Xi'an.  "The Four Great Ancient Capitals of China" are Beijing, Nanjing, Luoyang and Xi'an.  In Beijing and Xi'an, you will have the time to visit the wonder of China ancient civilizations and the UNESCO world heritages - the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the Summer Palace and the 2000 years old life size Terra-cotta army soldiers. It is a tour that can help you to know China from the history.

11 Days Beijing - Xi'an – Chengdu - Shanghai Tour

​10 Oct - 20 Oct, 2018

​Tour Code: C11

Besides Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, you will go to Chengdu. You will enjoy the famous Sichuan food. In Chengdu you will visit the largest Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in the world where you you can hold the panda for photos. In Chengdu you should not miss to visit the largest Buddha carved in the mountains with the history of over 1000 years. It is listed in the UNESCO world heritage. In Beijing and Xian, there are also the UNESCO world heritages for you to visit.








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13 Days Beijing - Xian – Chengdu – Leshan - Suzhou - Shanghai Tour

Tour Code: MGW

Come and join in us for this one of the world's most challenging marathons on the Great Wall tour with lots more exciting places to visit in this trip, such as another exciting running on the 600 years old City Wall in Xian and hiking in the park of the 1000 years old Leshan Grand Buddha carved in the natural mountain in Sichuan – similar to the Mount Rushmore. And you will also have a very unusual experience to hold the cute panda for photo in the largest panda preserve center in the world.  

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​​​7 Days Beijing - Shanghai Tour                                                  Tour Code: BST

Beijing and Shanghai are the two largest important metropolitan cities in China, one is today’s capital of China with the long history and another is the financial center of China with the fast developing speed in the new century. Visiting these two cities, you will be fascinated by the ancient wonders of the world in Beijing and the awesome sight of the high scrapers in Shanghai. It is a tour that can help you know the ancient glories of China and the new achievements of China today.

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9 Days Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai Tour                                   Tour Code: BXT

If this is your first trip to visit China, we highly recommend this trip to you to visit Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai. This tour will help you understand China's history. Beijing and Xi'an used to be the capital cities in ancient China and Beijing is the capital of China today. These two cities represent China in the history, China today and Shanghai represents China in the future. For this tour, you can visit the Great Wall of China in Beijing, the 2000 years old Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses in Xi'an, and see the sky scrapers in Shanghai – the largest city and the financial center of China. ​​

14 Days Beijing—Xi’an—Chengdu— Chongqiong—Yangtze River—Fengdu—Shengnong Streem—Yichang—Shanghai Tour

​​If you can stay more days for your tour to China, we recommend you to join our China Yangtze River tour. This tour will not only bring you to visit Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shanghai, but also arrange you to take the 5 star river boat for a 4 - day Yangtze River cruise tour. In this cruise tour, you will enjoy the breathtaking view of Yangtze River and the largest dam human ever built. This Yangtze River cruise will give you a very good time to enjoy the natural view of China and to know about the long history of China with the rich culture of China. 

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Best of China & Yangtze River Cruise Tour 

Sep, Oct 2018




10 Days 8 Nights Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai Tour​​

Tour Code: BJWXBXSH10

Join-in tour means you will join in the tour in Beijing and meet people from different countries who are interested in this same tour to form a tour group, you will have the English speaking tour guide in each city. The tour will be guaranteed departure even if there are only 2 people booking.
People interested in this itinerary needs to arrive at Beijing on Tuesday or Friday to join in this tour.