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Dear Jimmy,

I’m writing you to convey my appreciation for providing such an amazing tour of China.  When I first learned about this trip, I was told the price was very competitive, the hotels were first class, we would not have any language barrier issues and there would be several complimentary additions to the tour.  What I did not realize was those promises would be understatements.

The price of the tour was extremely competitive.  I’m an international traveler and I’m very familiar with the price of airfare.  What I quickly realized was the total price of the tour could easily be the price of the airfare alone.  The immigration process was seamless, the tour guides made sure our documents were in order and we rarely had to wait in long lines.  I was excited to visit Beijing, Xi’an, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

What easily was one of my most impressive aspects of the trip were the hotels.  The hotels were not only first class but I would dare say easily five star.  Again, as an international traveler, I’m quite familiar with the different hotel classifications.  I was thoroughly impressed with the hotel standards, the amenities as well as the ambience.  The lobbies were filled with fine art and sculptures, the rooms were modern, clean, spacious and provided breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

At each city, we were greeted by tour guides who spoke and had a very good understanding of the English language.  There insights as we toured the various cities and attractions were very astute and informative.  If we had any questions, they were more than willing to answer them and were also problem solvers.  I remember a situation we encountered on the way to the Great Wall.  The traffic was building up and at one point it came to a standstill.  Our tour guide got off of the bus and was able to coordinate with officials on the ground to provide us with a route to avoid the congestion gaining entrance to the historic site.

Transportation was always provided from airport, to hotel, to attractions, to the hotel again and back to the airport.  We never had to worry about getting around the city or about being stranded.  Everything was well thought out and taken care of by the tour guides.

Any trip to China wouldn’t be memorable without visiting The Great Wall, The Forbidden City and the Terra Cotta Warriors.  Not only did we visit those historic sites but we also had the opportunity to see pandas at The Beijing Zoo, The Olympic Village, The Summer Palace, The Lingering Gardens, the Jade Buddha Temple, and the Shanghai museum.

There were several opportunities to shop for unique Chinese gifts and souvenirs.  We visited the Pearl boutique, the Jade factory, Terra Cotta factory, Silk spinning factory, the Hangzhou Street bazaar, the Longjing Green Tea factory and the Shanghai underground bazaar.

Your company also provided several entertainment and sightseeing opportunities included in the tour and some were added free of charge.  We attended the Tang Dynasty Music & Dance show preceded by a Chinese dumpling cooking class, a complimentary foot massage, Westlake boat cruise, tour of the Observation Deck on the 100 story World Financial Center and a ride on Maglev high speed train.

This was indeed an unforgettable trip.  What made it so special was the amount of historic sites we were able to visit as well as exposure to the Chinese culture.  Prior to the trip, I thought my favorite city would have been Beijing or Shanghai.  However, I fell in love with Xi’an.  I love the mixture of old world charm infused with the lights, sounds and cosmopolitan feel reminiscent of Times Square in NYC.  I particularly loved the City Wall.  It gave the city a uniqueness that set it apart from all the others.

Jimmy, I would like to thank you for providing me the opportunity to visit and experience all your country had to offer.  Your exemplary customer service and comprehensive tour package allowed this to truly be a trip of a lifetime!


Darin S. Austin

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Photo taken in Beijing, China

China Tour Review from Darin S. Austin