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Dear Jimmy,

I would like to thank you for your outstanding service.  We had a group of 15 people including myself take a tour of China. It was an amazing trip.  Tim met us at the airport very early on our departure date and was very organized.  We started off without any problems.  We did however, run into a problem in the air with a sick passenger from another group.  We had to turn around and return to LAX after 5 1/2 hours in the air.  I called Tim from the airplane so he could alert your team on the ground in Shanghai.  Once we let the sick passenger off, got new boarding passes and a new crew we were back in the air and started off on another 14 hour flight.  When we got to Shanghai, our tour guide was waiting for us.  She got us on the correct bus and transported us to the second airport which would then fly us to our day's destination, Beijing.  Without her help, I am not sure we would have known to switch airports. 
In Beijing we were met by Stephen, an incredible tour guide.  We now had been traveling for 30 hours AND our group wanted to keep going.  We didn't want to miss anything so we got right on a bus and headed to The Forbidden City.  That evening we were pleasantly surprised to have been upgraded at your request to a 2 story hotel room (the size of a small apartment).  The luxurious bed was a welcome site after our non-stop travels.  The trip only got better from there.  The Great Wall was awesome, better than any picture you have seen.  The third day was a travel day back to Shanghai.  We originally were suppose to leave at 9am that morning but instead, after discussing ideas with me, you decided to have a 3rd day in Beijing and travel at 6pm allowing us to see the places we missed our first morning.  That day provided us with one of our favorite things, the rickshaw ride in a huntong area of town. The group just loved that!!!   Listening to Steph en was a real history lesson.  His knowledge of the area was unbelievable.  We loved listening to him.  He even traveled on the plane with us to Shanghai to hand us over to Bella, our guide in Shanghai.  What tour company does that?  
Bella was great at answering all of our questions.  We toured Suzhou, beautiful Hangzhou and another crowd favorite, Xitang.   Every place was different, every place we stayed in had beautiful accommodations.  We ended our tour in Shanghai and on our last night at dinner I asked Bella to help organize a surprise birthday cake for two of our group members.  I did not give her much time and she delivered big time.  The cake was gorgeous and the candle brought gasps from the crowd.  It was a flower that opened up and had individual candles at the end of each petal.  It was amazing !!  We were all sad when it came time to take the Meglav train to the airport. 
Our group, just got together this last weekend to show off our pictures of the trip.  Everyone, couldn't stop talking about what a wonderful trip this was.  Plus, they ALL want to take a tour of Thailand with Spring Tour the same time next year.  So, I'm working with your team again to put together not one but two private tours of Thailand.
Attached is a few pictures of our group.  Each person took over 400 pictures on this 9 day tour.  Our albums are bursting at the seams.  Please feel free to use my comments to promote your company. 
Thank you,
Ginny Gebhard

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China Tour Review from Ginny Gebhard